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About US

     I will never forget my first experience with great barbecue; I had graduated high school and still had never really paid much attention to barbecue possibly because I had never had the good stuff. I began work installing C-band Satellite systems in East Texas, when I showed up one evening at this Good Old boys trailer house to install my second system for the day only to smell the sweet smell of hickory smoke bellowing out of a home made pit. A hunger began building, upon finishing the job, the brisket was ready and he brought me a beer and a plate. That is when I knew there is heaven on earth and I found out that I love barbecue prepared right.

    In the years following, I acquired a pit and did lots of cooking but never really nailed it perfect like I experienced in the paragraph above. It was not until I got the right combination of heat/smoke/internal/type of wood and knowing when to pull at the right time, and keep in mind that the type pit you use matters a lot. With this informative information, I hope to save you a lot of trial and error time in your personal barbecue adventures. This information will lessen your learning curve tremendously.

    My name is Patrick Semar and for the first time my wife and I have decided to share all the secrets we know about barbecue with you! We have been preparing barbecue for a combined 20 years, and had so many people tell us we need to start a restaurant we did!  After doing so, we perfected our processes so well that we knew it was going to be a great cook every time we served food. We also found that many people would like to cook like a BBQ pro, but lack the knowledge.

    Great barbecue is an art that not just anyone can do without practice and a little guidance. And yes it is work, not quite as easy as grilling a steak and serving. So for those of you that are not interested drinking a cocktail and tending to a fire for up to 12 hours, barbecue is not for you. But if this sounds like a relaxing way to spend a Saturday, we promise the prize will be worth it at the end of the day…

    Some of the tips we hope you will pick up browsing this website are:

  • What products and how to pick the highest quality product for your BBQ
  • How different cuts turn out and what you can expect after cooking
  • Preparing your meat for the barbeque, and when to begin cooking
  • All the details of the cooking process that you need to know, danger zone, etc…
  • Wood variations and explanations on the type flavor it reflects in your product
  • Required Equipment, and also some recommended equipment
  • How different barbecue pits cook and how to adjust cooking style and fire to suit your pit
  • Cleanliness tips to avoid infecting your dinner with unwanted food borne illnesses

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