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Shopping and Choosing the Perfect Brisket (continued)
   Always select a brisket that is fresh and not frozen, the taste will reflect the difference! Also, note the sell by date, the meat/blood should appear pinkish in the package, avoid the grey ones. Pick the brisket up and fold it, this is a test to see if it is flexible. In addition, Always grab the ones that have a decent size fat layer with plenty of meat visible, good color, and sealed well(not dripping).

   The next step is to buy it! and take it home. You can store in the refrigerator for a few days if you do not plan on cooking right away. I sometimes marinate for a next day cook immediately or cook them right away to get the best taste.

Wash your brisket, ready to marinate. 2. Preparing your Brisket for the Smoker

    Wash and Dis-infect your hands well before handling any food items, you may want to consider wearing disposable food service gloves. Remove the plastic from the brisket, rinse it well to remove the blood and any other contaminants.

   This cut of meat naturally has some nice flavor, but you may marinate if you wish. If I do decide to marinate, we rub it with a thick layer of salt, pepper, cajun seasoning, brown sugar, Worchester Sauce, and honey. And let it sit in that turning it once for atleast 12 hours. Personally, it is tough tell a significant difference in taste between marinating and non marinated brisket. Again, the best taste can be acheived with fresh meat. Cut it off the cow then throw it the pit BBQ! Ok, that statement was not for the faint of heart.

   When I began cooking briskets it was treated like any other cut of meat... many holes were poked in it, and a tenderizing hammer was used. We later found out this was a grave mistake as this allows the fat to easily leave the meat once it gets to cooking temperature making the meat dry out during the cooking process. So for the best results, you can tenderize a steak by poking holes in it but not a brisket. Alright, you are ready lets look at building that fire or "faare" as we say in Texas.

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