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Yum, Texas Brisket at its finest
   As Dear to Texas as the Blue Bonnet, the Texas Brisket has long been a delicacy. The cut is from the lower part of the chest and is traditionally a tough piece of meat if not prepared correctly.

Items you will need
  • A Smoker and any Size Brisket
  • meat thermometer
  • Aluminumn Roaster Pan
  • Aluminumn Foil
  • Wood for smoking - At the minimum use, Hickory or oak, but for a distinct Texas flavor use Mesquite
  • Your choice of Rub(We use brown sugar,salt,pepper,cajun seasoning,worschester sauce, and honey)

    Real BBQ is large cuts of tough meat smoked over a long period of time over hard wood; the heat and smoke cook the meat giving it a distinct flavor and tenderness that you cannot find with any other cooking method.   The marbleized fat slowly cooks mopping the meat and tenderizing throughout the cooking process. The beef brisket is an ideal candidate for this type cooking.

Fresh brisquet from the store 1. Shopping and Choosing the Perfect Brisket

   The first thing you may notice is this cut of meat is not widely available throughout the world. Most likely if you go to your nearest butcher and request it they can normally order it for you. If you live around the Texas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma area they are always in stock in great supply at your nearest grocer. Brisket's come in a corned version which is not suitable for smoking, stay away from the corned beef!

   You may notice that your grocer carries a "flat cut brisket" in addition to the standard briskets. The flat is simply a brisket that has been trimmed of its marbelizd fat, these can be cooked using the methods on this website, but we do no recommend this cut due to the lack of fat which we need to keep the meat moist during the cooking process. We do recommend standard briskets with a big ol' ugly fat layer. Careful not to get one with too much fat or you will be left with little meat, but use your judgement and get one in between.

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