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Items you will need
  • Pork or Beef Ribs(as many as you like)
  • Aluminumn Foil
  • Italian Dressing
  • Marinade components - (honey,brown sugar, bbq seasoning, paprika,apple juice,worcestershire)
  • Charcoal (optional)
  • Your favorite barbecue sauce

Choosing the type Ribs for dinner

    In Texas, you will find both Pork and Beef ribs commonly, some places just say ribs and you get what ever they have that day. We hope you enjoy this recipe, it has been made at the expense of a lot of cooks gone bad.

There is a difference between the two:

    The Beef Ribs are less expensive, contain massive bones, and do not have quite as much meat as you might expect. It is my opinion the beef has a better natural flavor, however you cannot get the beef rib meat quite as tender as you can pork. I recommend that you try a batch of each and see which one you perfer. Normally, since the meat has more flavor I go with a less sweet sauce,therefore not covering up the meat. You do end up with a nice large handle to hold your food which is neat, small children may have more trouble eating the beef as opposed to the pork.

   The pork ribs come in two different cuts, the flagship pork loin or "baby back" cut and the spare rib cut. If money is not a factor always go for the baby back as this will yield the higher quality meat without the fat/veins. The Baby back ribs have small bones, and the meat is very high quality and tender. and spaced evenly among the whole cut. The cut further down the rib is called the Spare Rib, The Spare ribs have a fold and more fat inside the meat. You can also find veins occasionally which gross some people out. You can still find some great meat on a spare rib and at half the cost of baby backs.

   Your ribs may come fresh or frozen, as far as taste is concerned I have not found any differences. We bought ours in bulk frozen and we have bought them fresh over the counter. If your ribs are frozen, allow them to sit in your refrigerator until they are completely dethawed before we prep them. As always, clean your prep are as well as your hands. Upon unwrapping, we normally rinse them prior to cutting them in half, ofcourse cutting them is not a necessity if you want the look of a full rack on table. But halfs are easier to deal with and are the perfect size for our foil packs we will be using.

Remove Membrane

 1.  The first thing we remove is the clear membrane located on bottom of the ribs located on the bone side, not the meat side. The easiest way to remove is start on one end and slowly seperate it as you pull down the rest of the rib. This can be quite a challenge, its ok if you cannot remove every little piece. But this is one of the secrets that will allow the rib meat to pull right off the bone when consuming. Both Beef and Pork ribs have this membrane, in some cases the membrane will already be removed but not very often. Rinse ribs well before going to the next step.

Rub for off the scale flavor

2. Rub both wet and dry components heavily over all surfaces.

Dry Rub:
1. Paprika
2. Brown Sugar
3. Salt/Pepper
4. McKormicks Barbecue seasoning (optional)

Wet Rub
1. Honey
2. Worcestershirer Sauce
3. Apple Juice
4. Few drops of liquid smoke(optional)

Marinate the ribs

3. Marinate for atleast 24 hours, for best flavor, up to 2 or 3 days in the refrigerator. And we wait......sorry, but the best things come to those who wait.

Use foil packs when cooking

4. Ok now for the most important part of the cook, the secret to tender ribs is steaming them in their own juices and what we added. Take a large piece of aluminum foil and center the rib half on it bone down making a rainbow shape.Add a tablespoon of italian dressing to each foil pack will help in adding moisture and flavor as they steam.

 Now create your air tight packet by folding the sides over the rib half then rolling it tightly down. Ensure no air can escape so that we steam the ribs properly. Prepare your remaining rib halves using this method.

Cook in the Oven

5.  Cook the foil packets containg the ribs in the oven for approximately 2 hours at 300 degrees. They are so small, I never really check with a meat thermometer you just learn to tell when they are done. When ribs begin to get done, the meat shrinks and bone is visible. I also pick them up and see how flexible they are (use tongs) you want to pull them out of the foil pack when you begin to see the bone and they are very flexible but not quite falling apart. The smell is amazing, this I know.

Finishing them up

6. Add your favorite barbecue sauce, and finish over hot stovetop or charcoal grill. This adds the grilled look and a little bark for added flavor.

When serving, pork ribs seem to compliment a sweeter sauce, while the Beef is perfectly fine with a mild or even a spicy sauce. But this is just personal preference...... Dont just sit there go ENJOY your Meat Fallin off the bone Ribs that you made, move over Chili's! I hope to add pictures soon. Thanks for reading, if you try them let me know your feedback!

   Thank you for reading, if interested in further specializing your skill for competetion cooking please see this detailed guide

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